Earthquake aid or guised arms delivery?

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  • February 10, 2023

On February 6, 2023, 01:17:35 UTC time, an M7.8 earthquake shook Turkey and Syria and left dozens of thousands dead and nearly a hundred thousand injured.

Upon the request, the international community started delivering aid to Turkey, quickly. That include humanitarian aid, Search and Rescue teams, K-9 units and so on.

But for Syria, there were and are limitations. Syrian areas that were affected by the quake are not Assad’s favorite areas, he with the help of Russians and Iranians massacred people in Aleppo.

Not an earthquake aftermath, but a result of Assad-approved bombing on Aleppo

So, how are we going to believe that Bashar Assad, the blood thirsty self-declared “president” of Syria cares about crisis-stricken people of northwestern Syria? And how Assad’s friend, the Islamic Regime of Iran are going to do something against Assad’s favor?

“Iran Offers Aid To Syria’s Aleppo After Large Quake In Turkey”

First, let’s have a look on the previous cargo deliveries from Tehran to Damascus, Shall we?

EP-FAA is an IRGC-affiliated aircraft which is on OFAC’s SDN list for delivering arms to IRGC-affiliated militias in Syria has a long history of flights to Damascus, Syria. And as it was reported several times, sometimes after its trip to Damascus, Israeli Air Force (IAF) responds to these arms transfer and targets the truck convoys or the Damascus airport itself.

Now, right after the earthquake, we see the same pattern by the same infamous smuggling aircraft: flying from Tehran to Damascus

IRGC-affiliated EP-FAA in Damascus airport, February 06, 2022
IRGC-affiliated Qeshm Fars Air EP-FAA trip to Damascus on Feb 06, 2023.

Judging by Assad’s grudge on northern Syria, including Idlib and Aleppo and IRGC’s intention to deliver even more arms to its militias in Syria and Lebanon, it’s very hard to believe an infamous smuggling aircraft that is linked to IRGC burns its well-excused opportunity for a guised arms delivery operation with humanitarian aid delivery.

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