Aleph’s Source Aggregation Service

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Are you a Journalist / OSINT researcher or a news follower?
Have you ever wanted to check different sources for news, but in one single place?
Is joining and checking dozens of Telegram channels hard for you?
Don’t want to share your Telegram account to the channel owners?
Well, Aleph has a solution for you!
Introducing Aleph’s source aggregation service:
– Each country has its own Telegram source aggregation
– Telegram channel lists are constantly updated
– Telegram sources are not limited to official sources, only. For each country, state and non-state channels are included.
– Service is quite affordable

What countries are included in the service?

So far,
Russia / Ukraine

Are included in the service, more countries will be added soon.

Is the service customizable?

Yes it is, upon a user request, changes could be made in an exclusive channel for the user(s).

Where can I obtain the subscription?

You may use the subscription bot, everything is automatic!

Inquiries? Need additional options?

You may contact me through my Telegram handler!